Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot, But It's Friday!

Linking to Susanne's Living to Tell the Story, for another Fave Five. A nice way to remember my gratitudes each week, and just about the only blog posts I'm doing right now.

This week's five favorite things:
1. Had the BEST time with our granddaughter and also spent time with her mommy, daddy and baby brother when we took her home on Sunday. She stole our hearts once more by declaring all the way to her home, "I need to go Gramma Grampa's house!"
2. Pretty weather early in the week. Ran Monday and Tuesday since I skipped the weekend. Enjoyed sitting on the deck in th evenings and quiet companionship of Drh. I did crosswords and he read.
3. Helped clean out and organize the church library one evening. We filled a big garbage barrel and some smaller trash cans, but ended up with shiny shelves of useable, attractive books for reading, and ministry resources. I like our church to look modern, inviting and homey to anyone who enters.
4. For some reason I have been efficient and productive this week. One morning I washed windows before work, and kept up with the dishes, laundry and other tidying chores. Home feels welcoming when it's neat and fresh.
5. Multi-item Fave: I have today off, so a four-day weekend. Drh always has Friday off. Today instead of sleeping late, I convinced him to beat the heat and we got outside early, trimmed all the bushes, borrowed a tree trimmer from a friend and trimmed trees, loaded up all the trimmings on the friend's trailer and served ice tea to ourselves and two helpers, all before 10 a.m., and it was still nice out!

Have a good weekend, Happy 4th of July, stay cool!