Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Friday

Today L came to quilt. We had a good time talking. While she quilted, I sewed together setting blocks for a quilt to be silent auctioned at the Relay for Life in August. Here are the 9-patches she made on the design board, along with the green-centered-in-white setting blocks I made. My other daughter and m-i-l are making more 9-patches. Then I'll add setting triangles, two borders, backing, quilt it, and bind it. Come back for future progress pictures!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Where I Run (Friday Fave Five)

All the trees and flowers have been so beautiful this spring and the weather has been just about perfect. I thought I'd show five pictures of where I run every week, at least once and sometimes twice. It's a 4.37 mile loop, with many views of the lake. It's not quite as easy to see the lake through the greenery now as it was earlier. Being out in this peaceful and beautiful part of the world is refreshing to me - one of my favorite places, and one of my favorite experiences. I hope you enjoy these photos!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Beauty

On Sunday we went to see my brother and his wife- the weather was perfect to enjoy their company and grilled pork steaks in their beautiful back yard.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fave Five

This week has gone by quickly and rather smoothly. Does that mean I actually remember all that happened? Not really! And even though I started this post on Friday, it's already Saturday night when I am finishing it!

But some highlights to be thankful for include:

1. Beautiful weather - 15 deg. above normal for this time of year, plus lots of sunshine.

2. Routine medical procedure went fine for a family member.

3. Drh finally got his Christmas present done - a spray-in bed liner in his truck.

4. Ran at the lake Thursday night and it was great - weather, friends, and I finally felt like I may be getting back in shape after the long winter.

5. Talked to both my girls on the phone and they are so much fun to talk to. They like to describe their sewing projects especially.

Friday I spent a couple hours at the sewing machine store helping V pick out fabrics for display quilts she's going to make. I also dropped off one I made that she will put up on display for awhile. She is making a child's dress from the same fabrics to show how you can use the same fabric for different projects.

Today I ran in a 4-mile race in a town about 1/2 hour from home - the weather was perfect, the friends were fun, the food was fine - hot dogs, potato salad and cookies make it "famous. " I even took 3rd in my age group! Then I washed and changed, and went to a fabric store and another quilt shop which were in other towns close to the race - couldn't pass up the opportunity. When I got home, I did some house chores, laundry and read my new quilt book. Hope the rest of your weekend is really good!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mishmash of Thankfulness, Plans for the Coming Week

Five things I am thankful for today:
1. The beauty of spring - fresh, new leaves of delicate green, gorgeous magnolias, bright forsythia blossoms, early sunlight.
2. Foods of spring - asparagus, ham, eggs, things cooked on the grill.
3. Clothes of spring - brighter colors, lighter fabrics, something different than fleece and flannel!
4. Shoes of spring - maybe? Sandals are lined up and ready to go.
5. Running with friends - a great way to be healthy, enjoy social time and feel really alive.

Menu plan for the coming week, starting today:
9. Company coming: grilled pork chops, oven roasted potatoes, Greek salad, brocolli or asparagus or both, dessert provided by guests
10. bacon cheeseburgers, baked beans, coleslaw, cantaloupe
11. whatever drh wants (omelet? soup?)
12. same as 11th
13. crockpot braised beef steak w/ wine, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots; fruit salad
14. stirfried veggies & pork, rice, cranberry sauce
15. meatloaf, mashed potato casserole, leftover veggies, etc.

Some things in the fridge I need to work into the menus this week: leftover salmon, bacon, corn, brocolli, asparagus, tomatoes, sweet potato, potatoes, cantaloupe, lots of eggs

Working on 4 different quilts right now. The first is a baby quilt - I'm already sewing on the binding. The second is a larger finished top with backing and batting cut and ready to put on the frame - it is for a family gift. Third is another baby size quilt for display in the sewing machine shop. The top is done but I have to cut and sew the backing and batting. The fourth is a collaboration project with my daughters and m-i-l. Some of the cutting and sewing is done, but not all. We're making it for a Relay for Life silent auction this summer. Each of the other three is making several 9-patch blocks, I am making the setting blocks, adding borders, and of course quilting it. We're using some Joel Dewberry Deer Valley prints, and I think it will be very unique! But with so many projects in various stages, it feels very busy around my sewing room.

I am also planning to sew a couple of summer toddler outfits - that will be fun!

Pictures later of all these things!