Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fave Five

This week has gone by quickly and rather smoothly. Does that mean I actually remember all that happened? Not really! And even though I started this post on Friday, it's already Saturday night when I am finishing it!

But some highlights to be thankful for include:

1. Beautiful weather - 15 deg. above normal for this time of year, plus lots of sunshine.

2. Routine medical procedure went fine for a family member.

3. Drh finally got his Christmas present done - a spray-in bed liner in his truck.

4. Ran at the lake Thursday night and it was great - weather, friends, and I finally felt like I may be getting back in shape after the long winter.

5. Talked to both my girls on the phone and they are so much fun to talk to. They like to describe their sewing projects especially.

Friday I spent a couple hours at the sewing machine store helping V pick out fabrics for display quilts she's going to make. I also dropped off one I made that she will put up on display for awhile. She is making a child's dress from the same fabrics to show how you can use the same fabric for different projects.

Today I ran in a 4-mile race in a town about 1/2 hour from home - the weather was perfect, the friends were fun, the food was fine - hot dogs, potato salad and cookies make it "famous. " I even took 3rd in my age group! Then I washed and changed, and went to a fabric store and another quilt shop which were in other towns close to the race - couldn't pass up the opportunity. When I got home, I did some house chores, laundry and read my new quilt book. Hope the rest of your weekend is really good!


ham1299 said...

Sounds like a great week! We had awesome weather, too! Got spoiled, I think - now that the weather is back to what's normal this time of year, I'm FREEZING! LOL

Lesly said...

Hi Cathie,
Thanks for visiting my blog and asking about my daughter, who is on the March of the Living. I wanted to email you, but you are set to "no-reply" blogger. My daughter is now on the Israel leg of her trip. They are scheduled to come home Tuesday night, but we just heard on the radio that the Air Canada flights in and out of Tel Aviv have been cancelled. She can stay with family, if necessary, but it is worrying. I miss her and want her home, but from her perspective, it's all a big adventure!

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Great blog name - putting your two loves together :)

Congrats on placing in your race!

My mom and sisters make quilts also, but I don't have patience for it - maybe during an other season on my life I will.