Friday, February 26, 2010

Day Off and Working on Quilts

On Friday I took a personal day to stay home, get some chores done and work on quilts. I got the borders on the baby girl quilt for a new girl arriving in May (not mine!) If A hadn't been coming today to quilt some baby quilts, I would've put it on the frame. But the top is ready, the back is cut, and the binding is made. It will be a quick finish in a couple of weeks from now.
I cut out lots of 5.5 in. +squares for a D9P which my sister and I are making for a young family member. Some of them are on my design board above. The design looks kind of rough, but it is another collaboration quilt, so it will all come together. We are each making eight 15" 9-patches, which we will then split, arrange and choose the border and backing for together. I imagine I will then quilt it. I am looking forward to visiting my sister later in the spring so we can finish up the top.
A had a fun day learning how to use the longarm quilting machine, getting two baby quilts quilted and sewing on binding. I had fun playing with Baby G. We had chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, and a crockpot dinner of pork chops, potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms, along with salad and applesauce. I'm tired, but it was a wonderful day.
Today drh missed seeing A&M&Baby G, since he went snowmobiling: here he is trying on the gear. I took a couple of cute videos on my camera for him to see when he gets home. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Baby Quilt Progressing

My friends are starting to have grandbabies. I love to make baby quilts now. Here is another one made like the last one - a happy accident in measuring resulted in twice as many blocks as I needed for one baby size quilt, so I could make two. The back is different, and I used a different feathering design, and it will have green binding.
Also, I finally got time to carefully make a wonky star for a flickr bee - it was for January! Now I need to get the February one done - a crazy quilt block - so I can be ready when the March envelope arrives soon!

I enjoyed watching the doves gather on our deck in the sun last weekend. They toasted themselves and drank water from melting snow on the top of the grill cover. I am happy to see winter melting away, too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Quilting Time

Here is the baby quilt I just finished. I am happy with the quilting, the first time I did any feathers. Even though they are sort of primitive looking, I think they look decent. They fit the style of the quilt. The back is a darling animal print flannel. It is so cozy.
I have two more baby quilts to make before May and one is almost all pieced. I have enough blocks to make another one just like this Stacked Stripes one, but I'd have to get more dots for borders, or something else.

It is snowing again... expecting a lot. Maybe a snow day tomorrow??

Friday, February 5, 2010

One Long Week

It's Friday and the long week is just about over. It's pretty icky weather out- very windy, wet snow, starting to accumulate although the roads seem pretty wet. I'm tired from long work days and brain energy exertion.

Five favorite parts of this past week:
1. Fun with our church family and the great food at the church chili cook-off last Sunday.
2. Election Day went well with minimal problems (and those easily solved), good weather, enough energy to last. This was the first with new staff configuration and we were really nervous about it.
3. Went to the gym Wednesday after work. This always makes my life feel normal.
4. Went running Thursday after work. Good stress relief and mood booster. Slept like a rock last night.
5. My m-i-l is fine after she had a car accident and her car was totalled. Drh was able to be a great help that day, and will continue to help them work through insurance and car purchase details.

I will have time to finish up a quilt and some other sewing projects and take photos this weekend. YAY. Have a great Friday! Come back soon!