Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last Week and Next

Since I never got around to finishing my vacation summary, I'll just say that the main highlight of the last three days of vacation was that on Saturday morning, which was breezy, sunny and warm, I ran around the whole lake - 7.45 miles. In the evening we went to the races again, and it was much more fun as it wasn't so cold, windy and dirty. I wish I'd written more last weekend, because now I have forgotten what we did on Friday or Sunday!

The past week hasn't been too eventful, either, though on Tuesday I did go to breakfast with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. She is going to move back to Germany in August, after being here for grad school for the last four years.

Tuesday night I went to the run club board meeting. I finally had a week when I made it to the gym twice and ran both Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday I ran in a 5K. It was pouring down rain until just a few minutes before the starting gun. I was glad it stopped when it did. I did take my old (previously mud caked) shoes and changed into them before the race, in case the rain started up again. If it hadn't been raining, I may have been able to run a couple miles warm up - it might have helped my time, which was a minute slower than last year. If I'd run the same time as last year, I would've taken third in my age group... darn!

In the afternoon, I helped a young friend with her sewing project again. She got fairly far along, but nowhere near done. Hopefully she can get the bulk of the rest done at home... not sure when or if we can get together again.

Drh has gone on a mission trip with a small group from church - they were planning to do much outside and roofing work on homes affected by major flooding late last summer. When they arrived at the mission host church six hours away from home, it had been raining there all day for a total of six inches of rain so far. They might have to find other, indoor projects to help with if the rain continues as predicted the next few days.

It has been quiet here without him today. I had a good salad for lunch: mixed greens - beautiful red leaf and oak leaf lettuces from the farmers' market - green onions, radishes, black olives, shredded cheddar cheese, bite size pieces of cold chicken previously grilled with chili/cajun spice seasonings, salsa and sour cream. Yummy. Also grapes and an ice cream bar. For supper I had a pb&j on walnut/raisin/molasses toast and two small peaches cut up and sprinkled with a little sugar.

This week I hope to get some good errands done on Tuesday, including dropping of Goodwill items, banking, return library books, buy a wedding card and gift, and pick up some items accumlating on a list. Otherwise the week consists of going to the gym, running, trying to eat decent meals by myself, start a white linen-look skirt, clean the bathroom and vacuum the house, and get the check book reconciled. Not much time to sit around doing nothing!

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