Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Laziness

Today I did not do any chores. I took the sheets off the bed, carried the laundry downstairs, photographed a finished quilt, and I made this bag. I didn't even go running. It's the end of the day and I might take a nap! Drh said fish patties is okay for supper, so I don't even have to cook.

I bought the bag pattern book a few weeks ago. The photographs are very nice. I have never been too motivated to make a bag which includes a ton of hardware, stiff interfacing, etc., so these patterns really appealed to me.

The directions were pretty good. The bag on the cover was made from an "old summer dress", but it must have been a big one. The fabric needed for this project totals almost a yard of each for the outside and the lining. I bought a yard of drapery fabric for the outside, and used a yard of cotton for the lining.

The handles are covered plastic tubing, which makes them comfortable, but they don't meet perfectly, leaving a break in the circle.

The shape is a bit odd. I would probably cut the corners differently if I could do it over.

I won't use this pattern again, but the book has lots of other, easier projects which I want to try. I have already made one bag from this book which I really like.

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