Sunday, March 3, 2013

March On

March has arrived, hard to believe.  We spent the first day in Chicago for medical appointment.  It was decent weather.  Also enjoyed dinner with DD#1's in-laws, a nice visit.

Yesterday I sewed a dress for G for Easter.  I hope it fits.  In my memory, it was easier to sew for children when they were around to check fit as I sewed.  Anyway, it won't be too small, so she can wear it eventually if it's too big now.

Here are some photos of my bird medallion quilt that my sister and I did "round robin."  I made the center, she added 1, I added 1, she added another, I added the last parts - the flying geese border and the darker green print border.  The quilting was finished awhile ago, but I haven't had opportunity to take any photos until today.  I've been enjoying this quilt on the couch these past few cold weeks.  My sister and I have both become smitten with making medallions now - it is quite challenging yet the results are so wonderful, no matter what you decide to do next.

I've been working on a special secret project, too.  And a fun activity lately has been putting together strips and scraps to make some potholders and "chunks" to be used in something fabulous, I'm sure.

I hear it is supposed to snow again later this week.  I wish it would warm up a bit so I would get motivated to run more.

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