Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer's End

Yes, another summer is coming to a close.  Signs of fall are showing every day, including foggy mornings, damp evening breezes, flocking robins, a little bit of gold and brown showing in the trees, earlier sunsets and darker mornings.  At this time of year, it seems the memories of past seasons are more intense - maybe I miss the vacation fun, transitions back to school days, reorganizing for a "new" year... the times of changes create deep impressions, perhaps.

The satisfactions of the last few months are rich - enjoying my family is at the top of the list.  A new and darling grandson, two other growing, super-entertaining and lovable grandkids, my beautiful and sweet grown daughters.  Settling into ever-deepening friendship with my husband of 37 years, looking into our future with confidence and hope.  Keeping connections with my dear sisters.

My health has been excellent and I've been running more this summer, feeling strong and vital.  On the other hand, food planning and diet are a little lacking in excellence.  There are too many other things to think about much of the time, so that takes a back seat and I need to improve in that area.

The second hobby, quilting, makes me very happy.  It is often a kind of brain exercise, as well as a source of comfort.  I feel I can pass on some beauty and comfort to others by what I make, so the quilt grows from concept to process to product to love (being defined as warmth, connection, care, timelessness, touching - a spirit alive inside material goods, perhaps?... maybe ultimately undefinable in words).

This past few months (since about March), to pare it down to a list of accomplishments, I've worked on and finished several quilts and small items, including
An I-spy quilt for my new grandson
Several placemats for gifts for my kids and grandkids
Kitchen mats and potholders for gifts
Doll quilts, for fun and gifts
A table runner for my sister
A yellow and bright twirly rails bed quilt made with my co-worker for our part time girl who left for another job
A large red and green lap quilt for my sweet back-neighbors, made mostly from scraps and pieces of thrifted shirts
A jungle animal baby quilt for my mother-in-law to give as a gift
A quilt entered and accepted into the AQS 2013 Modern Challenge, to be displayed at the AQS show in October in Des Moines, IA, and my sister and I will be going to the show!

At this point, I'm working on some table runners to donate to a Festival of Trees fund raising event, and will be starting another lap quilt for the other backyard neighbor family.  Christmas already looms and will provide inspiration and at least one "rush job", I expect.

I hope to put on some posts with the individual quilt projects, some description of how they were made.  Stay tuned!

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Melanie McNeil said...

It's been a busy couple of years for you, between family and work. So it's especially impressive how much quilting you do, and how much you grow and innovate in that.

I'm looking forward to the Des Moines show! Can't wait to see your entry in person!