Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day One

April 16 - the day after tax day. Somehow that marks a season for me. I'm able to go on and think of other things, maybe... Beautiful sky - I wish I were outside. Working alone for the moment; eating Skittles but I would rather have Tootsie Rolls.

The red beans and brown rice I cooked yesterday, with lots more seasonings than the recipe called for, and chili-seasoned chicken, was good and spicy. I think red beans and rice is supposed to be bland, because that's how it always seems to turn out. I had to add more salt, quite a bit of Cajun seasoning, and a few red pepper flakes.

Several things that need to come off my list - by doing them, preferably!
Haircut for drh
Finish nursery valance for church
Work on LRC billing
Clean up bushes and flower pots
Clean out the car

Running with CTWers yesterday was nice - and I always underestimate how a simple thing can be encouraging, like smile and chat with a new runner - you don't have to be mega-peppy to have an impact.

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