Sunday, April 20, 2008

Three Ts for Today

A columnist in our local paper summarized a book which gives a strategy to organize and balance your life and time. The strategy is to ask yourself three questions. Give 5 answers to each of them as of right now, and then take actions to solve or achieve.

  1. What ticks me off?
  2. What makes me tick?
  3. What tickles me?

For example, I might answer as of today:

  1. Ticks me off: dead, dried flowers are still in the pots from last summer; the golf clubs are in the hall; the GWB basket is too full; drh's hair is too long; too many leaves under the bushes.
  2. Makes me tick: Menus planned and ingredients on hand for 5 nice meals/week; calendars are sychronized; all shoes weeded out and organized; coats and scarves are clean and hung neatly in closet; bank statements are balanced up to date.
  3. Tickles me: running at the lake; doing crosswords; new library books; Tootsie Rolls; having dinner with friends.

So to address these issues, this weekend I spent an hour outside and took care of the dead flowers, raked under the bushes and also pulled out the dead branches; mentioned the golf clubs situation and they found another home; cut drh's hair; worked a bit on the calendars; ran in a 4-mile race; did a few crosswords and read; and attended a potluck after a young friend's baptism. I did not delete all the items from the lists, but I also accomplished a few other things of value:

  1. Went out for dinner with drh and watched a movie on tv with him. Talked about possible vacation destinations and upcoming social plans.
  2. Did all the laundry including folding and putting away. Switched some winter tops for spring tops in the closet.
  3. Made some greeting cards and wrapped a gift.
  4. Worked on the family reunion address list.
  5. Gave advice to LJL on zippers.
  6. Browned some hamburger and used part of it with the last of the red beans and rice, salsa and cheese to make stuffed peppers, and put the rest of the hamburger in the freezer to make spaghetti later this week.
  7. Wiped out bathroom cabinets and put all the stuff back in after new faucets were installed.

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