Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Whole Week in One Post

The week has gone pretty well, all things considering. Last Sunday we had supper with friends that we haven't seen in too long. They had a new baggo game and we played until it got dark, then cooked on the grill.

Wednesday I was off work for Veteran's Day. Started out getting up too early to pack drh's lunch, which he then said he didn't need. But I got a good start on other projects that way, I guess. First I made a teeny tiny mini as an "angel" quilt for a swap (see above.) It was quick and fun, and I just quilted it on my regular machine. The recipient likes Civil War repro fabric, so that's what I based my design on. The block is called Shoofly. Then I cut out and sewed two pairs of flannel pj pants for myself which have been on the project list for WAY too long, maybe 2-3 years? But they are perfect and cozy (see bad photo of purple pair below.) I finished up two more paper foundation string blocks for the Bee Pieceful November lady. Went running in the afternoon as the weather was gorgeous. Then I cleaned out the dead flowers from the pots on the deck. Still need to take care of the ones on the porch. That night was the first basketball game of the season, so that was fun.

Thursday I ran after work and went to a pub with friends. After leaving, I must have lost the $10 I got in change, because the next couple days it was nowhere to be found. Ugh.

Friday night after work I finished up the binding on the big quilt and now have to arrange to get together with the recipients to present the gift.

Saturday we had to go out of town for a funeral, but came home by mid afternoon. I did some laundry, ran, cleaned the bathroom, a few other chores. Since we had a good lunch after the funeral, I fixed grilled cheese for supper. The most eventful part of the day was the run - a dog bit me! It was totally my fault. I was paying attention to a guy mowing his lawn and oncoming cars, and ran right across the path of a small leashed dog with big sharp teeth. I am sure I startled him into biting. The owner scolded it severely. But it wasn't as bad a wound as the time I tripped on a branch which then jabbed my leg, or the time I fell of the trail and landed on my elbow. And I put lots of antibiotic lotion on right away (as soon as I got done running 2.5 more miles - ha.)

Today was rainy and chilly, so I did some errands after church. Had to get paper and a new calendar, some buttons for corduroy jumper project, and a Redbird tshirt for Baby G to wear when they go to the game with us next week. She will be a cutie in it, I am sure. A told me they have given her a new hairdo - Pebbles-style ponytail - because she was pulling out and chewing on her barrettes, and doesn't like the hair in her face. Last time we saw her, drh noticed that and asked for scissors... he was teasing, of course.
This week should be productive. Tuesday I am off but have some dr. appointments and other errands. Hopefully I can get to the gym, run, sew and do the bill paying and other paperwork with energy and efficiency! Have a good week!

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Aimee said...

Wow, I don't know that I would have run another 2.5 miles after being bitten by a dog! You must be pretty tough!!!

I really like the pajama pants too!