Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Warmth

Detail of mini (below) finished for November swap, going to Pennsylvania

I can't believe how nice it's been this week. Thinking back on October, one might believe the seasons have been totally rearranged! I ran Tuesday, Thursday and yesterday, and it was great to be back in a routine, as well as outside in good weather.
Friday after work I went to the grocery store and stocked up. Lots of dollars later, I have canned tomatoes and beans to last all winter, other pantry items, boxed foods such as jambalaya rice and instant hot cereal, steaks and fish for the freezer, and tons of fresh fruit and squash which will not last as long. But I should be able to cook up a storm for awhile.
Saturday I quilted a mini, did laundry, made a roast in the crock pot, ran, sewed binding on the mini and continued sewing the binding on the big J&L quilt. Today I finished up the mini with a label and packed it for mailing on Monday. I organized fabric, did more laundry, and enjoyed the warm weather - I could probably open more windows except the bugs are trying to get in. Tonight we're going to some friends to cook out. Not very eventful, but a great weekend in all respects.

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