Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday Fix-up Etc. Saturday Report

I felt like I had been stagnating without running much lately, getting grumpier and lumpier. So Thursday we had enough of a break in the rain that I forced myself to go out to the lake. It was also the last lake run for the fall, since the time changes tonight. Starting next week we run in town from the running shoe store. The rain held off for the first couple miles, then sprinkled, then poured for the fourth mile. But what can you do? You have to get back to the car, and since you're hot, the rain feels good by then. And my mood was noticably better, so I was glad I went.

I also learned that Race the Dead was going to be Friday night instead of on Halloween, so since the objective is to have fun and run slow, I decided to leave work an hour early on Friday and go to the race. I won a "trophy". HA. It was pretty nice out, relatively. After almost 4 inches of rain Thursday night and Friday all day, the sun came out about 10 minutes before sunset, creating a beautiful sky and reflecting gold and pink on the remaining clouds. The race course was dark, bumpy, wet and passed a cemetery. Very fun, had hamburgers at the nice little host tavern afterwards and chatted with running friends I haven't seen for a few weeks. A motivating evening, and I'm not sore today like I thought after running two days in a row.

Finished up my October S.T.U.D. mini for Suzee and have it packaged up and ready to mail. I concentrated on the quilting this time - used a tinier stitch length and traced around the designs in the various print fabrics. I am please with the way it turned out and I hope she likes it. The theme was Woodland World.

Here is Grace wearing the outfit I made for the Patty Young fabric challenge in September. The sleeves are a bit long, but otherwise she really loved it. She and A spent last Saturday with us since M went to a men's retreat near here. We get to babysit for her tonight while A&M go to a church Halloween party. I wonder if she learned to crawl yet? Last week she had three good methods in mind but didn't achieve any forward motion. 1) get on hands and knees and rock away, 2) lie on tummy and thrash arms and legs as fast as possible, and 3) put head and shoulders on floor and creep toes forward until bottom is sticking up in the air. Fun to watch, I will say.
Today I made some monkey bread for our breakfast, cleaned up the pile of papers by the phone, sorted out all my running clothes and put away the sleeveless things, put aside some race shirts to possibly make a t-shirt quilt, changed the sheets, switched out drh's short sleeve and long sleeve shirts for the cold weather seasons, cleaned out my coupon pocket of my purse, found my keys (didn't take long), bagged up some things for trip to Goodwill later this week.
and... Hooray! Finally done with the shoe closet reorg.


laura said...

find any shoes to pass along???

Cathie said...

If you're interested in worn out and ugly, maybe! None of the cute ones are too big or too little or too uncomfortable this time. If I don't get to Goodwill, you're welcome to check them out, though.

Aimee said...

I am SO sorry I haven't commented on this post yet, Cathie! I started to the first day I read it, and right in the middle of typing it a mild crisis arose (according to one of the kids) and I jumped up to take care of it, and didn't get back to this.

I am so excited to see your organized closet! It looks wonderful!! It's also fun to see Baby G wearing the cute outfit you made for her. So cute!