Friday, October 30, 2009

Recent Projects

Two minis made for the My Favorite Quilters Teeny Tiny Mini Swap - I made the Civil War repro Bear Paw and sent to Lish, who made the 30's repro string quilt and sent it to me. Aren't they both just ... teeny? and cute.

This is a table runner made for my friend JG whose birthday is Halloween. She has always been a pumpkin fan - go figure. I got the amazing pumpkin fabric from Kimmie as a swap extra. I decided to make the back so JG could flip it and extend the use clear to Thanksgiving. Fortunately the front and back matched up and didn't shift while I was quilting it. I used black thread on the top and brown on the bottom. The quilting design is made in alternating lines across the width of the quilt - one is simple scallops and the other is more elaborate. Definitely a technique I will use again.

I'm working on a mini for the S.T.U.D. swap Woodland World, and it's about ready to go. It should be, because tomorrow is the last day of October, and that's the deadline! Just a bit of binding to finish sewing, then packing and mailing in the morning.
And for my friend Aimee who has the Friday Fix Ups - I have finished my shoe closet clean-up and will take a photo tonight! FINALLY.

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