Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Friday Flies By

I was blog-hopping today and ran across a wonderful quote. I hope it 's accurate because it's SO true:

"Life is largely a matter of expectation." – Horace

It reminds me of a discussion with friends at church. It happened to be one couple's anniversary and we got into a chat about how one survives? enjoys? a long marriage such as theirs. Most of the couples around the table had been married at least 30 years, or 40. My dear hubby was shocked when my answer to a happy marriage was to "lower my expectations." Actually it was not anywhere close to the slam it first sounded. In the pursuit of happiness, not only the marital kind, I've had some hard lessons which taught me that if I would only quit expecting perfection, most things would work out better and be more satisfying in the long run. So without giving up expecting the best out of myself and others, or looking for good things around me, I have come to feel that lowered expectations sometimes mean less stress, more fun, and just a happier day.

Friday Fave Five for this week:

1. Enjoyed family time and baby time with little G while attending a wedding last weekend.

2. Daughter #1 turned 30 - and is the wonderfully sane, beautiful, positive, friendly, smart and faithful woman I raised her to be. (smile)

3. The summer skirt-wearing weather, including storms, is wonderful - I LOVE summer.

4. Have had time to get a lot of work done on the quilt for the Relay for Life auction.

5. Getting Friday off - time to catch up on house chores, think, sew, piddle around the house quietly.
See more Fave Fives at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story. Have a great weekend!


Jerralea said...

You're so right about expecting perfection. Perfectionism can be deadly - it can kill off relationships.

Your #5 sounds heavenly - I love time to piddle around the house.

Brenda said...

Its nice to have a day off to get things done, and without a lot of "expectations", wink.

I hope your husband recovered from that, you never know how someone is going to take something like that, even after 30 years, lol.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

#2 is a real blessing to a mom, isn't it? (When they turn out okay!)

I know what you mean about perfection...I think the answer is just to expect reality, not perfection!

Happy weekend.

Susanne said...

I totally get what you're saying about lowering expectations. I need to keep telling myself too, that there is more than "my" way to accomplishing a task.

Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about lowering expectations. When I get frustrated at my husband's faults and foibles, I try to remind myself to regard them in the same way I would want him to regard mine.

Love your thoughts on your daughter turning 30.

I like spring warmth more than summer -- it's hard to do anything without breaking out into a sweat these days.

#5 sounds just lovely!

I host a meme on Mondays for quotes called The Week In Words. :-)