Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Quilt History

I think I could title this one, What Have I Been Doing Besides Blogging? ...or I better put this info on my blog before it becomes like Ancient History!

The photos are displaying in the reverse order as I uploaded them, so you get most recent news first. This top layout is made from 12 of the blocks I received in April 2010 (1.5 yrs. ago - maybe it is ancient already!) The flickr group is called
Bee Pieceful. I finally figured out a setting design and made the setting pieces the last couple of days. It should go together fast from this point. Sometimes the thinking takes up a lot more time than the actual sewing. I will not include the table legs in the final construction.

This is a top I finished putting together a few days ago (my co-worker is inspiring or shaming me into getting busy on my projects, hence the high output in the last weeks or two). The centers of wonky log cabins are fussy-cut out of some old scraps I found in my ancient 4-H sewing workshop materials (I was the teacher, not the student - so they aren't prehistorically old.) I started putting together the blocks about 5 months ago. A picture in a book inspired me to go for the black stripey sashing, and that was motivation to find fabric, cut sashing, decide on borders, and finish up the top.

This is a finished quilt I made for DD#1. The nine patches are made from a charm pack I received as a birthday gift on my last birthday one year ago, so that was fairly quick - less than one year from pieces to finished!

The next two pictures are the back and front of a baby quilt made for my first great niece. She was born in March and I sent it to her in July, so at least she was still a baby! The pattern is simple and these prints were fun to work with. The back has a pretty, girly print of butterflies.

I hope I haven't repeated old news here. I definitely need to keep track of this blog a lot better than I have been. It is a good record of my projects, finished or not!

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beth @ {a latte inspiration} said...

Hi Cathie thanks for stopping by! Your quilts are so pretty, keep up the great work & have a good weekend! :)