Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilts Lately

It has been months since last posting. I have not disappeared. Many of my projects have come and gone, but I'm still here making more. The year of 2012 was hectic and full. I work for an election authority, and the presidential primary and election took up many hours, and what time was left I preferred to spend with family, running or sewing/quilting, hence barely any time for chores and none for keeping a record of any of it! I would like to add some photos of recent (within the last year) quilts and sewing productivity, just to keep it all in one place.

From Top:
  1. Pink bird-in-center medallion - started out as free piecing/wonky style, which I abandoned because it was trying me.  Then it never straightened out as I wished.  Finished for 3 yr. old granddaughter.
  2. Puss-in-corner blocks I arranged in strips, using up lots of nice fabrics I had bought with no purpose in mind.  It was a great project to use up my family room floor when my hubby was out of town for a week in summer 2012.  As of now, not quilted yet.
  3. Sampler made from blocks sent to me in a Flickr bee in 2010.  Love this color scheme!  Finished and using on my guest bed, 2012.
  4. Red Fiesta - Most of the medallion round robin I did with my sister last summer, 2012.  She started this one, we took turns and she put on the last round but has not yet quilted it.
  5. Bird-in-center medallion quilt which my sister also did with me.  This one is my center, took turns adding.  Shown is the last round I put on, including 72 flying geese.  It is now quilted and my OWN couch quilt.  More pictures later.
  6. Red and Charcoal Jacob's Ladder, summer 2012.  Made for a wedding gift for the son of some of our oldest friends.  I didn't get bored making 25 identical 2-color blocks.  It is sort of a modern Amish style.  As far as I know, the block arrangement is my original idea (interlocking forks), as I never saw one like it.
  7. Maple Leaf - my sister and I each made several leaf blocks and setting blocks, then got together at her house to put them together and make the piano key border.  This was given to our brother and his new wife.  They love trees, birds, and music - she plays piano and sings.  All the prints have leaves, feathers or birds.
I'll try to find some better and more photos to record for posterity (is blogging historically permanent?)

So long for now!

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