Friday, February 13, 2009


Here it is! This is how it will actually be used - leaving my half of the bed with fewer blankets because I get hot at night and drh gets cold. He really likes it, I'm happy to say. He is glad it's big enough to cover his feet, unlike the tan throw now folded over the footboard. Now I can start on my new project! I had to take the quilt to work with me to show my co-workers, and he asked me first thing when I got home where it was. Then I had to take it back again because one lady was sick and absent, and he said, Don't lose it!
I haven't said much about running lately, but I'm still running. The weather and work schedules still seem to interfere with getting back to my old routine, but last week and this have been better, as recorded below:
Feb. 3 - ran 2.5 mi. on treadmill at the gym
Feb. 5 - ran 4.25 mi. w/ run club folks, outside on streets 5:30 p.m., 28 deg. and dark.
Feb. 7 - ran 6.2 mi. run club "fun run" for Boys & Girls Club on walking trail, 8:00 a.m., 48 deg. and sunny and breezy. There were still icy places on the trail where I had to walk.
Feb. 11 - ran 2.5 mi. on treadmill at the gym
Feb 12 - ran 3 mi. w/ run club folks, on trail 5:30 p.m., 42 deg. and still a little light out when we started! It was nice. Celebrated one gal's b'day afterwards.
I have a feeling that the cutback in miles the past couple months did a little good in that my shins are feeling really good right now. And my foot feels better the day after a run than it does two days after. And the increase is good for one thing - my waistline is shrinking back again!
There are two races in March that I won't sign up for yet because we're still debating on when we're getting together with drh's folks for Easter/birthdays celebrations. But when we have a day like today with milder temperatures and sunshine, I can't wait to get out to run more.

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