Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tired Day

I'm tired tonight because we had to do a class at work from 6-9 this evening, and I think I must have been tired already because despite a good supper before 6, I am really dragging. But I wanted to make some sort of little gift to send my good mother-in-law for Valentine's Day. I'd been inspired by some really cute items in crafters' blogs. So I kindof filched the idea, but made up my own drawing. I think the drawing was a bit cuter than the finished product, but I hope she likes it. I'll send it in tomorrow's mail along with a card.
One thing I missed was working on the binding of the almost-finished quilt (see below). And sad to say, in the process of cutting out and sewing this little 4 inch guy, the sewing room turned into a real disorganized pit. ??? How does that happen?