Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday and the End of July

Boy this month has gone fast. From the first of the month to now seems like a flash of hot weather, busy days and mostly fun activities. The past week was the same, and here are my five favorites that I am grateful for this past week. See more Fave Fives at Susanne's blog here.

1. Last weekend we spent in Indianapolis with friends. We enjoyed their company, went to car races, quilt and cross stitch shops, saw the downtown, sought the cool interiors (and drinks) of a couple of neat pubs downtown, shopped in the downtown mall (very nice), visited the Indiana State Museum, and in general explored the city while trying to stay cool. That was fun especially since we'd never been there before. The weather was cooperative in one way - none of the races got rained out!

2. Went to the new local baseball team's game. The ball field is really nice, and shiny-new, and the weather was perfect for an evening outside.

3. During the ride to Indy and back, I finished the binding on a baby quilt my sister made and I quilted for the Relay for Life. It's really cute. The second photo above shows how we were trying to decide on binding - we picked the red. I just haven't taken a photo since it's been finished. The first picture is the big quilt I made with my two daughters and my mother-in-law for the Relay auction, finished and displayed on the guest bed.

4. Got to the gym twice and ran twice - felt good since I'd been skipping exercise occasionally lately due to busy schedules. And we ate pretty healthy several days this week. That always makes me happy.

5. Started making some wonky I-spy blocks for a baby gift - really a spontaneous project with no plan and no time frame except the baby's due the first of September. This will be fun.

Plans for the weekend include sewing, shopping, cleaning, running, cooking, visiting friends, and sleeping late (huh??). Have a great week!


Gabe said...

the one on the bed is beautiful!!!

Sounds like you had a fun, busy month. . .isn't summer grand?

beth said...

Both quilts are lovely...especially that first one. Love the colors! I look forward to seeing your wonky I spy!

Susanne said...

I love the quilt on the bed. So pretty. And the baby quilt is great with that red binding. Sounds like you had a great week in Indianapolis. Lots of fun summer happenings.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

The quilts are beautiful!

I love Indiana -- was raised there and my mom still lives there, in Indy.

Exercise makes me feel better, too. Sounds like you had a great week.

Karyn said...

The quilts are both lovely!

Races, museums, shopping, baseball, all sound great! Especially when done while on holiday.

Good for you on the exercise!

Cindy said...

You stitch on long drives, way too productive. I scrapbook, my husband made me a collapsible table that fits up front and I have a tool caddy and we are set for hours

Gattina said...

It seams that you had a nice week and the quilts are beautiful !