Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday of Last Week Fave Five

Well, a LOT late this time, but reading some of the other blog posts linked to Susanne's this time has inspired me to share my week.

1. Waaayyy back on Sat. June 26, I ran in a small-town 5K which was in memory of a young lady who died two years ago from a brain tumor. The run benefited the American Brain Tumor Association. I knew this family when our girls were in 4-H with the young lady who died and a younger sibling. Her sister who now lives a few states away organized the run. I think the whole town turned out for it, and it was a great event for the community and the beneficiary charity. It was a good thing, too, for the sister who hadn't been able to attend the funeral due to having had a baby just a few days before her sister's death.

2. Spent 2.5 days in Chicago attending a conference for work, but also enjoying PERFECT weather, running on the lake front twice, the adventure of riding the train there and city buses around the downtown, wonderful food, shopping, interesting company, and a fun concert and fireworks at Navy Pier. The whole trip was a lot better than I'd anticipated, and the conference wasn't even that bad. (smile) Above are a couple of bad pictures taken on my cellphone, one of my hotel window view onto the lake, and the other is me stopped for a pause while running on the lakefront around 7:30 a.m.
3. Made a yummy BLT egg casserole (with spinach instead of lettuce) for a church brunch. I'm thankful for a wonderful group of church friends who have become a real family in the last few years we've been attending there.

4. Sortof said this already, but the weather this week was summer at its finest - mid 70's, golden cloudless sky.

5. NOTHING smells better than corn pollen blowing on a humid breeze on a warm summer night. MMMMMMM.


Anne said...

How nice for the family of the young woman who died that so many came out to support them.

And congratulations on getting to enjoy lovely summer weather. I'm amazed, too, how pleasant it's been here in So Cal (usually a lot hotter by now).

Will you share your BLT egg casserole? All the components sounds yummy :-)

('tis me, nikkipolani)

Kari said...

Wow you ran a 5K and for a great cause - good on you. I'm looking to do something like that.
I'm glad you enjoyed your work conference.
p.s thanks for visiting my blog.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a wonderful legacy and tribute for her sister. I have never smelled corn pollen but I like the smell of the beach in the summer. Roses and the Atlantic Ocean.

Faith said...

A great fave five list!! I'd love that recipe for the BLT with the spinach..sounds yummy!!
I did get your comments..reason they didn't post until today is because we were away and any comments I get on posts older than 3 days get sent to my email....i was with a laptop but can't retrieve my email from that computer we are back in NYS and your comments just posted...thanks!!! enjoy the week...we had your temps last week but now are in a major heat wave!