Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Carry On

Since I had the day off yesterday, I ran a long list of errands, starting with a hair cut appointment. Then I got the car washed; took my blazers to the dry cleaner; went to WM to stock up on papergoods and cold medicines; returned a pair of non-fitting shorts to TJMaxx and had a good look around, picked out new sandals and a cool, muted yellow patent leather, big shoulder bag; picked out a pattern and browsed fabric at the fabric store; stopped for a drive-thru burger, fries and orange drink; went to the library to renew a book and checked out a couple more; changed clothes to go running.

The weather had been variously cloudy and sunny all day with a brisk south wind. Rain or storms were supposed to hold off until late evening. I met my friends to run, and the western sky was looking black. I got about 1/2 mile out on the trail and saw lightening, so I ran back to the car. Darn! I was feeling like it would be a good run, but better safe than sorry. The rest of them kept on around the loop, but I left before they got back to the parking lot. Just a little afraid of lightening.

By the time I got home it was spitting rain. Shortly after that, we had two intense little storms with heavy rain, wind and hail. I'm glad I wasn't out in that weather, and also glad my freshly washed car was already in the garage.

As to the new yellow bag, I decided to use my new (a few weeks old) pink one as my "small" bag instead of looking for a new smaller bag. The pink one was just borderline big enough anyway. I love the yellow one.

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