Friday, May 23, 2008

Time Off

Last night after running I was sitting with friends at the after-run place. I mentioned how my right hip hurts, though I expected the left side to feel more effects of the trail run, since I kept leading with my left leg while leaping mud holes. Someone said, "and heaven forbid that we take a couple days off when we're sore!" He's right - unless in severe pain, time off isn't just automatic - you have to try another run. So I'm hoping the hip will feel fine by tomorrow.

Otherwise the run was good, perfect weather and the tree blossoms still smell so sweet.

Speaking of time off, I will be off work all next week. Some of the things I hope to accomplish:
Finish the church valances.
Make a skirt for a young friend.
Have lunch with another friend, who will be moving to Germany at the end of summer.
Cut drh's hair again.
Clean out closets.
Clean out the car.
Buy and plant flowers in the pots on the deck.
Work on some other sewing projects.
Figure out what to wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks.

Also we hope to take a motorcycle trip for a couple of days.

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