Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some More Vacation Reports

Monday we drove up to visit Laura and Brett. We took brats, buns and salad makings. They fixed baked beans and fruit jello. It was a good summer meal with good company. Even though storms were predicted, the day stayed warm and sunny all day. We only got rained on a few minutes driving home.

Tuesday was not summery at all. It was cold, wet and windy all day. I stayed inside and sorted things in the sewing room, finished sewing a skirt I'd started about 2 years back, and worked on a blouse that was about 1/4 done maybe a year and a half ago. The fabrics are resorted and I have a better handle on what kinds of patterns and supplies are still here. I was very happy to have the whole day to do that kind of stuff. I never went running, which I sort of regretted, but the weather was just too icky. I am ready for heat and sun.

Drh worked on the vacuum system in the shop. I fixed hot German potato salad, smoked sausage in sauerkraut, salad, and applesauce for supper. The potato salad was good - the first time I'd ever made it.

Wednesday morning was prettier than Tuesday. I cleaned the bathroom, and cleaned out the inside of the car, including vacuuming and doing the leather cleaning/treatment on the seats. I continued working on the unfinished blouse, hoping for a good fit so I can use that same pattern in a different sleeve version for another summer top I have in mind. In the afternoon we took a random motorcycle ride. Later we went to the Chiefs' baseball game and enjoyed free hotdogs and peanuts for supper. A good combination of work and relaxation for the day.

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