Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Visiting

Baby G and friend Baby L

Grandpa let her sit on the motorcycle, even though he doesn't like her outfit

Nice hairdo - but that's how it looks after napping, I guess

Well, instead of doing anything productive, we spent the day visiting. First we stayed late at church for the monthly lunch to visit with church friends, and then we took a motorcycle ride to see Baby G (and her mommy - but daddy was playing golf.) It was a great day for a ride - sunny, warm and breezy. We had fun seeing one of Baby G's friends, too, and seeing how excited and happy she was to have another baby there. While it doesn't show in the picture, she waved her arms, babbled and laughed, and tried to hug and kiss Baby L.

We took along the first dress I've made for a baby in probably 25 years. It turned out fine, even though I had to patch together the ribbon trim, since there was only 4 ft. on each spool. That was not enough to go around the hem once. In the back, there are pieces of the same one that's around the waistline to span the gaps. I love the sailor collar.
Finished dress - possibly will fit for Easter


Marit said...

Looks like a good way to spend a Sunday! Thank you for a nice visit, too... I think I have to go for the blue border fabric.

Aimee said...

What a beautiful dress! She will be so cute in it!