Friday, May 27, 2011

Scrap Management

I've been lucky to have a few hours of spare time lately, and my coworker and I took our cutting tools and mats to work for a few lunch time cutting sessions. We both managed to make big dents in our scrap piles - well, the piles are still there, but the scraps are cut into usable pieces now. She has an Accu-Go cutter, which was fun to try. I just used my ol' (dull) rotary cutter mostly. I've found I like having random strips, not necessarily with parallel sides, so I cut lots of them. The wonky log cabins were fun to make, so maybe having a bag of strips will inspire me to make more.

When I put up the new shelves, I went to Dollar Tree for a few small storage containers. One find was these three green baskets. A few days ago, they were full of wadded up big and small fabric pieces. Some of them were ironed before cutting and that made it easier.

Now I have just two baskets full, many squares in marked baggies, as well as a couple of bags labeled "Misc not sized" and "almost square" which will be good for points on wonky stars, etc. These baggies only take up two of the three baskets, so I have an empty one for more scraps!

For your viewing pleasure:

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