Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sewing Closet Heaven

Above you see the results of a big project that has made me very happy! In the past few weeks I have been able to clean out and totally reorganize my sewing closet, including putting up new Elfa shelves. Major improvement!!! I love the shelves. They are wonderful! Below: you might not want to look at it, but it's the embarrassingly messy before picture.

Laura at Organizing Junkie talks about labels this week in her 52 weeks of organizing project. I have used lots of labels for a long time. You can see the colored labels on my fabric bins - they either note which color family is inside, or note other items such as elastic, notions, fabric type or pattern category. Sometimes labels help to know where to put things away more than where to find them later.

I've even taken on the role of Label Police at work to label bins and drawers in our storage areas, so even when the containers are empty due to the items are out for their intended use, everyone knows where to put them back, and knows if we need to purchase more consumables.


sara d. said...

WOW! Love the shelves and containers! The "after" looks great...doesn't it FEEL great too!? :)

DSLA said...

What a difference! Looks great!

Cheryl B. said...

My sewing room needs some attention. It has gotten so out of hand, I cannot create! Yours looks great!

Violet said...

Great job! Someday I dream of having an area that organized for my stamping supplies, which right now are in a jumble of boxes in the spare bedroom. Your closet will make it so easy for you to work on projects.... enjoy!

Great job! You're welcome to come to my house and do my kids' closets any time... ;)

I'd love to have you join me each week for Tossed It Tuesday-- a weekly check-in on what we've decluttered each week. This post would fit right in!