Monday, March 30, 2009

Bright Monday

Although I didn't have creative, cute projects like L (here), my weekend was fairly productive. Using my "t's" as a guide, here is what I did:

What ticks me off? Dust in my bedroom (dusted the dressers this morning while getting ready for work), leaves under the bush by the front porch (didn't do anything - we had rain Sat. and snow Sun.), unironed blouses and shirts hanging in the laundry room (ironed them all PLUS did some mending while talking to m-i-l on the phone - two good things done at once), crowded closet (reorganized all my shirts and sweaters and picked out a few for GWB - Goodwill box), unpolished shoes (didn't do anything about this one).

What makes me tick? A clean and neat living room (tidied up and got rid of newspapers yesterday), knowing what to wear for the next few days (organizing the closet helped with that and also resewing on buttons, ironing shirts and slacks), organized refrigerator with obvious meals in mind (shopping and meal planning done), all the bills paid (only one to pay - will do that tonight), clean clothes put away (got this done).

What tickles me? Flowers, running in the sun (the sun came out Sun. afternoon before I went running!), comfy shoes, talking to my daughters (talked to both of them on Sat.), learning something new (studied Nehemiah 1 to lead my Sun. school class and enjoyed getting reacquainted with the book and background history).

I grocery shopped Saturday morning and planned several meals on the back of my list, did laundry, washed and ironed fabric, made sausage with red beans and rice for supper, prepared the Sun. school lesson.

We woke up to snow Sun. morning, but it was all gone by noon, and sunny but cold and windy by later in the afternoon. I ran about 4.5 miles, part of it with two new runners on the run/walk plan.

Other meal plans for this week: meatloaf and mashed potatoes; crockpot pork chops with sauerkraut, onions and apples; tilapia with salad and veggies; turkey taco bake.

Today I'm supposed to get the long arm and frame - I'm getting pretty excited... woohoo!

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