Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Louis Loot

We spent last weekend in St. Louis at the basketball tournament. It was a good time, due in part to how well our team did (not the champs, but second), the gorgeous weather - sunny and in the high 60's, getting together with friends, sleeping late, good food, etc.

On Friday morning we walked around downtown. We were by Busch Stadium and drh decided to go on the tour. It wasn't my cup of tea, and I was so hot in my winter sweater, that I decided to spend my time at Macy's. I found a couple of springy tops in the right color (red), and also a pair of shoes (imagine that!). On my way back to the arena, I got a hamburger and icy soda from a street vendor, which really hit the spot. The rest of the day was spent at the games.

Saturday I convinced drh to go with me to a fabric store there - Jackman's on Lindbergh. He agreed because there was a woodworking store fairly close, but I would've just gone by myself if he hadn't wanted to go. The drive through St. Louis was very interesting to me, because I love to look at buildings and houses in neighborhoods of all types.

The fabric store was very much worth the trip. If you travel to St. Louis, I recommend you visit them. I only had an hour to look around, so I didn't even do more than peek at the garment and decorating fabrics. The store was beautifully kept with wonderful displays of products and finished projects from their fabrics and patterns. I did buy a few things, mostly off the half price table - a premier attraction in itself. Here is what I found there:

I had to buy the four yards left on a bolt of this wonderful toile-type print. It's hard to see, maybe, but the pictures are of antique aircraft and flying machines. It is what I would have loved to use for the border on drh's quilt, but now I might just have to make him something else.

On another subject, it has been fairly good weather and timing for running lately. I even managed to run 3 miles downtown St. Louis early Saturday morning. I'm helping lead the beginning runner's program on Wednesdays, and that was fun to start getting acquainted with new runners. Since it's light later now, and signs of spring are showing, being outside is even better. Today I went out to the lake and ran the 4.4 mile route. It was cold but invigorating. And I fixed a healthy dinner when I got home - salmon patties, snow peas and leftover crockpot roasted potatoes, followed by rhubarb pudding with ice cream. So much for healthy, huh?

We're having company this weekend, so watch for menu and recipe blogging here later!


BarbaraS said...

Oh, Jackman's! I remember going there many a time with my mom!

Cathie said...

Are you from St. Louis? Or is it a chain that I've never heard of?? I was very impressed. There are just a handful of fabric stores in my town - Hancock's and Joann's which have both been going a bit downhill in upkeep and inventory in the last couple years; and we have two quilt/fabric shops that have great and beautiful quilting cottons, but you know how fabric-lovers love variety!