Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little News

Just a little news. My sewing room is being rearranged so I can fit... a long arm quilting machine and frame! It should be coming in to the store later in the week. I have a lot to do, including vacuuming around the edges well where dust has been collecting behind furniture for a long time, emptying an old dresser of notions and threads, and of course putting away a ton of material. Drh has already recruited help to move out the old hide-a-bed to empty that side of the room. I'll post pictures of the whole thing when I get it in and the room all neat and organized.

Other items of interest: we delivered the crib to A&M last Sunday. Here she is and a couple other pictures of their nursery all ready for the arrival of Grace.

I have been following Oh, Fransson's Quilt-Along and picked out some fabrics which I may use to make her pattern. I am so way far behind that I won't be able to even call it "along" - maybe "behind" is not even appropriate. But I've enjoyed seeing her tutorials and all the other beautiful versions being put together on the Flicker group.

Here are my picks. I have some items ordered and I'm hoping that one of my pieces will be better than the limey green on the top left side. It doesn't have enough pattern for this collection, I don't think.
I was kind of going for a vintage, semi-cheesy floral idea for the lights (left row), because I accidentally picked most of them out as fat quarters and saw that they all went together in mood and colors. Then I had to decide on how to match them up, and thought since they were pretty light, I'd go with some darks in the same greeny, rosy red tones. It might work. I have no clue what I'd use for sashing, backing and binding.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday and even though I had to work in the morning and do a couple errands, I ran 5 miles in the afternoon. It was sunny and 60 degrees with just a light breeze. Perfect! It felt good. My current arrangement of shoes and insoles is working well - no problems with my feet or shin splints lately.
Off to a few chores before bed and a new week.

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