Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Satisfaction

This week has gone by SO fast. Since my last post, much has happened. Monday night I made smoked sausage, potatoes and spinach with sugar, vinegar, mustard dressing. I forgot it called for bacon, but it was okay and I just threw in a sprinkle of bacon bits. It tastes a lot like hot German potato salad. Quilting was the main event of the evening, but I also cut up extra potatoes and made an egg casserole to take to work on Tuesday morning, since Tuesday was an election day. I got to work about 6 that morning. The day was calm and all went smoothly. The results were in and we all left for home by 9:30 at night!

Wednesday was a very nice day - almost 60 deg. The beginning runners program started that night, in a different location with different parking arrangements than we'd had in the past. By the end of the day, I was so tired that it was an emotional strain to get to the proper parking garage - the garage is "new" and I frankly forgot it was there, causing a major search operation. Then it was a .4 mile jaunt from the garage to the auditorium. It was SO nice out, though. I'm glad it was warm because since I was running late, I neglected to take gloves, cap, etc. The program should go well this year because there are great leaders. Then we walked/ran around the quad about 3 times, and then had to go back to the garage, and figure out how to get out of there. It was different than the garage I park in every day at work. You have to pay at a kiosk or get your ticket marked even if it's after 5 and free time! Of course no one knew this and the traffic was pretty jammed. I didn't get out of there and home on time to attend Ash Wednesday service. So I just ate, quilted awhile and went to bed early.

Thursday we had rain all day and thunderstorms when I left work, so I did not go running. Instead I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I made leftover ribs, glazed carrots and applesauce for dinner. It was yummy. Then I quilted for 3 hours.

Friday morning I got my hair cut - looks short and spiky right now. That evening we were taken out to dinner by friends whom drh had helped with their computer. An early night, which I needed. So I finished quilting the border and put the binding on the quilt and started hand sewing the binding on the back. I thought I would have to work Saturday, but the plan was changed by my boss, thank goodness! - she decided we wouldn't be open after all.

The house was a wreck, but I cleaned and tidied and vacuumed and dusted and stripped beds and did dishes and cleaned bathrooms and hung clothes and swept the kitchen and wiped the counters, etc. from 8 til noon on Saturday morning. As much as you can enjoy housecleaning, I was liking it - things were looking good. Jumped in the shower and got out and ready just as my sis and b-i-l arrived. We cooked some chili for lunch. Then sis and I took off for town and a short visit to the fullest fabric store in the world. I'm sure there are places with more fabric, but nowhere is there more fabric per cubic foot of retail space. Always an adventure. We picked out a few things, then went to Joann's for some machine needles and hand sewing needles.

For supper I made oven roasted potato cubes, fruit salad and oven turkey/provolone/tomato/black olive sandwiches, with gingerbread and lemon pudding for dessert. After dinner my sis and I sewed on bindings - she had a couple little wall hangings from her quilt guild service projects to work on.

Today we ate fried eggs thanks to drh, read the paper, drank coffee, read quilt books my sis brought, gift wrapped the quilt and other small presents, started fixing lunch for my d#2 and s-i-l, d#1 (who was honored at the baby shower today!), a friend of hers, and my m&f-i-l, who all arrived before noon. Quite the party! We ladies left for the shower and the guys stayed home and ate leftover gingerbread. We missed d#1's hubby, but he had some other plans and didn't come.

Thanks to all the activities of the weekend, I didn't get to run, but the housework gave me a little exercise. I am ready for a normal schedule, as I always say.

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