Friday, March 27, 2009

Three T's for Today

When I first started my blog, I put in a post about the three t's, an attitude and action adjustment strategy. I got to thinking about it again, so decided to try it today. You're supposed to give 5 answers to each question, as of today:

What ticks me off? Dust in my bedroom, leaves under the bush by the front porch, unironed blouses and shirts hanging in the laundry room, crowded closet, unpolished shoes.

What makes me tick? A clean and neat living room, knowing what to wear for the next few days, organized refrigerator with obvious meals in mind, all the bills paid, clean clothes put away.

What tickles me? Flowers, running in the sun, comfy shoes, talking to my daughters, learning something new.

Well! Seems like this has given me quite a list and prioritized some chores for the weekend. The weather won't be the greatest - cold and rainy, I heard. And I am supposed to run with the running training group on Sunday, so I will probably go run 3 miles right before that, so I'll get in 5+. That means I won't have to go on Saturday in the cold rain. I think I'll stay busy all weekend. Shopping, cooking something for the church potluck (pizza bread? - easy and popular), and preparing some cards to mail will add to the above list of clearing out the "ticks", making me tick, and getting "tickled".

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