Sunday, April 12, 2009


This week has been busy. Tuesday was Election Day and we conducted elections for mayor, city council, township officials, and school board members. There were few contested races this time, a small turnout and everything went perfectly during the day. The mayoral race was so close that a recount may be requested. Other than that, the rest of the week has been quiet and getting back to routine.

Wednesday night I had a good run and nice conversation with a gal at the beginning running program. The weather has been cool, but perfect for running. We ran just over 3 miles that night - they are getting up towards the distance required to run the lake loop on May 2.

Thursday I ran at the lake and it was again good weather. I had a great run - surprising because last week I had been really tired and stiff from running two days in a row, I thought. After running, I went to Maundy Thursday service, which was communion and a handwashing service. The name Maundy comes from the same root as "mandate", because Jesus gives a commandment to his followers as they celebrate the Passover meal and share the first communion - to love one another as he has loved them and shown by washing their feet.

Friday night I finished the taxes and a few other little chores, and Saturday accomplished a lot by cleaning up clutter, putting out recycling, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, dusting some rooms, and in the morning, had my co-worker ct help me put our boss' retirement quilt on the frame. That took about 3 hours, longer than I'd expected, but it is big and we had to trim the backing first.

We had a nice Easter today. Drh got up early and went to church to help the men cook breakfast to be served after the sunrise service. I got up when he left, got ready and walked to church. It was cold but nice out. The sunrise service was by the teenagers, who did a reading depicting the various people who "contributed" to the crucifixion by supplying the robe, the crown, the whip, the cross, the stone which sealed the tomb. They contrasted all these items with what Christ has supplied to us. It was moving and thought-provoking.

We went to a&m's for dinner. She had cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole, and m grilled a ham steak. I made cookie dough to take along, and made skillet cookies with ice cream, coolwhip, chocolate sauce and toasted walnuts. A very nice meal to end a nice week. Probably the next time we see them will be when they have the baby, which won't be long now - a few more days, I think.


Funoldhag said...

Hello - thanks for visiting my blog. When I checked on your profile I was immediately wondering what small town in Illinois!! I am from a very, very small town in Illinois - or at least almost my entire childhood which was eons ago. It was Rome - north of Peoria and south of Chillicothe. Have lived lots of places since then since my husband worked for the Santa Fe and we moved a lot. Good state and good people. Also wondering about the dessert you made on Easter - sounds yummy. :-}

Cathie said...

I grew up in Peoria so I've heard of Rome. We're in Hudson just north of Normal.

Skillet cookies recipe in next post FYI!