Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Weekend Finishes

I had a great weekend. Friday we ate supper at j&j's, who fixed wonderful hamburgers laced with cheese, onions and spices, and yummy potato salad. Drh and j had spent all day replacing the engine on j's lawn mower, so I was happy to stop on my way home and fulfill a special beverage order. I also picked up a bottle of wine to share with the other j. We did not finish the wine, thank goodness.

Saturday morning I ran a 4-mile race. This is always a fun race, and usually a lucky weather day. It proved to be the case this year - 55 deg. or so, cloudy and a light breeze made it the perfect running weather. I finished 4th in my age group, and this race always gives award 5-deep. So I got a medal! My pace was about the second-best pace I've ever run in a race. Maybe the nice 1.5 mile warm up I ran on a very pretty, flat, packed dirt and asphalt trail helped me run well. After the race, I finished up a plate of food - hot dog, potato salad, and cookies. MMM.
When I got home and showered, I had time for a short little nap, then down to the sewing room I went. Worked on my boss's retirement photo quilt most of the afternoon, then made a homemade pizza for supper. After eating, I read and prepared for my Sunday school class - we're doing a study guide on the book of Nehemiah, and it's very interesting reviewing the principles of leadership, motivation and team work in this scripture. If you want a pronunciation challenge, read Neh. 3!
Sunday after church and lunch, I rolled the quilt for the last time, and had to wind one more bobbin. A king size quilt takes 6 bobbins as recommended, not the 5 I thought I could get away with. I finished quilting it and took it off the frame. Actually, my coworker is going to trim and bind it still, but the quilting is all done. It took about 15 minutes to get it taken off - compare that to the 3 hours spent loading it and you know which process is easier!
Then I put it over our bed for pictures. The back looks especially amazing. You can see gaps in the pattern, but that is where I went around the photo transfers. I am pretty happy with the fluidity of the lines, the even spacing and how it looks marvelous from a distance. Here you can see it folded up to show the ecru back. (The stripes in the lower corner are our regular bedcover.)


Heather said...

I came to visit for the quilt, but saw you are a runner and stayed to visit. Congrats on the win. I aspire to win, but will have to wait until there are only 3 runners in my class since I am so slow. It will come eventually.

Mid Life Cry Sis said...

I love your quilt. It is A M A Z I N G!!! The fabric with the script on it is too cool! What a beautiful memory this quilt is!