Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random List Thingie

Outside my window... grass that is getting greener each day.
I am thinking... it's getting towards bedtime and that is a good thing.
I am thankful... for my new grandbaby and that my daughter is doing well.
From the kitchen... ate lunch out. Ate subsandwiches at the lake after running the beginning runners around the loop. I have a carrot cake mix and cream cheese icing waiting to be made. MMM - I better do it tomorrow.
I am wearing... purple/blue/lime green butterfly print knit pj pants, XL white tshirt with large, gaudy, patriotic, red/white/blue/yellow, flag and eagle combo and race cars or something (think - free at a race), hot pink plush bathrobe, running socks.
I am creating... new space in my life for new baby, quilting, Bible study.
I am going... to be tired out by the end of the weekend.
I am reading... my run club newsletter, the book of Nehemiah, and some old decorating books that I am going to give away.
I am hoping... that I can speak the right words in the next few days.
I am hearing... television -- the Cubs are playing the Reds.
Around the house... a little cluttery, but not too bad right now.
One of my favorite things... watching the news, weather, and a little bit of recorded Antiques Road show before I fall asleep.
A few plans for the rest of the week... hoping to get enough sleep (do you see a theme here?), visit new baby again, go out to eat w/ the other grandparents, have daughter#2 and her husband here for a couple days, run w/ group on Sat. a.m., go to supper at old friends' house on Sat. night, try to do laundry, vacuuming and some errands in between!

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