Friday, April 17, 2009

Fallen But Not Broken

I didn't necessarily want to be that kind of runner, but now I've been informed I am in a new club within the running club - those who have fallen. (Boy, that can bring out the stories.) Wednesday evening while running with the beginning runners, just cruising along chatting, I ran right off the side of the asphalt trail and fell in the rocks. I landed with my full weight on my right elbow and forearm, barely skimming the skin of my knees. My first thought was, My Garmin! as I felt it slamming into the ground shortly after my arm struck. The Garmin was okay, I determined later. I rolled onto my back, observed several alarmed and alarming faces trying to see if I was okay, many hands reaching to help me up, and discerned that my feet, ankles and legs were all pain free and operating. I got up and walked awhile, and my arm was pretty sore. But I did continue running after a few minutes.

When I left the parking garage, I called drh and asked if he would cook porkchops in the George Foreman, and heat up leftover potatoes and peas, since the plan for slicing and stir-frying the pork seemed a little far fetched with a possible injury.

I had favored my right arm all the way home. I did try to open the freezer to get ice packs with my right hand, and found that there is a VERY sore place just below my elbow. THAT HURT! To make a long story short, I slept fine, and with ice and ibuprofen, it's getting better. I can write, type, eat, move around fine - just don't want to lean on that elbow or pull or lift something too hard yet. I expect it will take several days to fully heal.

BUT I am thankful that the soreness doesn't seem like it will keep me from working on the big photo quilt for my boss's retirement on the Jewel this weekend. Yay, for the weekend, and the Jewel!

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laura said...

i'm glad to see you had your priorities straight :)