Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, Sweet Summer

Fave Five for a sweet summer Friday (not necessarily in chronological or any other order this week!):

1. G has come for the weekend! I'll spare you the cute stories of 2-year-old amazingness!

2. Saturday I ran in a race and was amazed at the consistency of my pace recorded by my Garmin! It's not the fastest I've ever run that course, but certainly the most consistently. It was a fun time with friends, always a great start to the weekend to run early Saturday.

3. Sunday turned out so nice that we took a motorcycle ride again, spent some lazy, quiet minutes just watching people take their boats in and out of the Illinois River, ate out before we headed home.

4. Enjoyed some summer food this week: grilled ham, cheese and tomatoes; BLT's; wonderful melon new to me called canary melon; strawberries; rhubarb pudding. MMMM. And since I'm upping my fruit/veggie intake and really cutting out sweets esp. at work, I think I've dropped the 3 lbs. I wanted to.

5. Took one morning off to help a church friend clean out the office. We are on the trustees committee, which is responsible for the care of the building. We both like to organize and update records, so it was good to declutter some old supplies and outdated catalogs which won't be used, put some stuff away where it belongs in other parts of the building, and review what records were in the desk. A good job done!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather and the summer food, and check out Fave Fives of other grateful ladies at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story. Thanks for hosting, Susanne.


Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

It sounds like last weekend was a great one indeed with your 2 year-old's visit, a race, and motorcycle ride. And I bet you have lots of cute 2-year-old stories!

I enjoy the summer's fruits and vegetables. It really is a great way to lose some extra weight. Congrats on losing the 3 pounds.

Susanne said...

Your descriptions of your week made me feel good! It all sounds like you had a great week.

Catherine said...

congratulations on a good race. I'm glad you enjoyed your sweet "G" and some yummy summer food.