Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pentecost and Other Celebrations

Today I went to my in-law's "cousins reunion." This is a gathering of about 50-60 of the kids and grandkids, and now great grandkids of my father-in-law's side (his two brothers and one sister, plus one deceased brother). We gather every year to enjoy our family friendships. Drh left this morning right after church on a mission trip to Tennessee with a group from church, so he didn't go this year. He had mixed feelings about missing it, of course, but decided he should travel with the group. The picture is of my in-laws with their branch who attended today. On the left are our two daughters and their husbands, one holding my 3-mo. old grandson; then my m-i-l; then my brother-in-law and his wife (their daughters and families couldn't come since they live out of the state); then me with my 2 yr.-old granddaughter; then my f-i-l.

This is my father and mother-in-law. They celebrated their 62nd anniversary today, and also we talked of their anniversary 2 years ago, when my f-i-l was in the hospital recovering from a very serious heart attack, which happened in the restroom at the hospital right before he was supposed to check in for a stress test. We know he wouldn't have made it if medical help was not immediately given. Fortunately he recovered well, and we celebrated with cake and milk in his hospital room.

The church celebrates its birthday on Pentecost. According to Acts 2, this is when the gift of the Holy Spirit was given and continues today to empower the people of the church to carry out God's work in his kingdom here on earth. The color of Pentecost and the liturgical season is red, and below are pictures showing the pulpit and altar cloths I made after the design of the stained glass window. The quilting stitch pattern is meant to look like flames.

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