Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shopped, Scored

I had the day off and after doing a few chores around the house, paying bills and vacuuming the upstairs, I took off for two quilt shops, each about 20 miles away in slightly different directions with about 15 miles between them (a triangle with my home). It was fun! I hadn't ever been to the first one, but I will definitely go back. They had some $9 bags of fabrics which appear to be buyer's samples. I am ignorant of the designer labels, so I don't know what line or company they are from. The one bag I chose had two pieces of purple and brown print, one purple and brown pre-quilted piece, and four sets of buyer samples. Each sample set has 7 or 8 pieces of companion designs - two sets of pink/red/aqua blue, and two sets of green/gold/tan. I'm sure that I or one of my daughters can make something with them.
I also bought two books on free motion quilting, with design ideas which are fun and beautiful looking. Two more necessities: hot iron cleaner (great when you gunk up the iron with batting or interfacing adhesive) and a NEW rotary cutter blade. The one I've been using must be ancient - can't remember when I actually bought it. But the new one cuts like... NEW! Amazing how a sharp blade can slice so easily.
And a couple more pieces of fabric - a couple of sale pieces, some lemon print for a summer project, and a big piece of green and white geometric print with which I hope to make some dust covers for my quilting machine and bobbin winder.
A very fun day. Hope yours was, too.


Jennie said...

Cathie- the ones in the bottom picture are the "Deer Valley" collection by Joel Dewberry- it's a new (and insanely popular) collection by him! ~ Jennie

Eileen said...

That is a nice haul. It is always fun getting somenew stuff to add to the stash. :-)