Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Studio" Tour

Sewing table and part of closet on a neat day.
My fabrics.
Organized supplies and tools in ziplocks and bins.
New method of folding and arranging small pieces.
Typically messy area.

I decided to participate in the Sew Domestic Studio Blog Tour, but I'm too late to be an official member. I thought you might like to see my space anyway.

My answers to these FIVE questions....
a. What do you use your space for? Sewing and quilting; sewing, crafting and quilting supply storage. It used to be a spare bedroom but we moved out the hideabed couch and a dresser to make room for the quilting machine. YAY.

b. What is your favorite thing about your space? It's Mine. All Mine.

c. What struggles do you have with your space? It's kind of small so I have to move my ironing board (the only moveable furnishing) around a lot to get to what I need. Also, I let the mess get away from me too often.

d. When do you use your space? Now I am using it almost every day, after work, and on my days off. For a long time it went unused because I wasn't sewing much for a few years.

e. Share an organizational technique that works for you. A few of my organizational techniques: I hang my scissors on a hook rack. I use lots of zip lock bags, which are easy to see into, to sort and store threads, notions, and other doo-dads. I use plastic storage bins to keep categories of fabrics to manageable sizes, and under my quilting frame to replace the dresser drawers I used to have. Other baskets and containers store frequently used small items. I TRY to put things back where they belong after I use them.

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Amanda Jean said...

"on a neat day...", LOL. i soo understand. it's fun to see where you work. and i'm with you, it's great to have a place for your hobby that is all yours. i so appreciate that about my space, too.