Friday, July 3, 2009

STUD Swap Mini Arrives

YAY, I got my first swap mini in the mail today (actually it arrived on Wednesday, but I wasn't able to get to the post office during open hours until today.) Jennie-Sunflowerquilt has made the most perfect mini Irish Chain quilt with lovely, soft cherry red and green and buttery beige fabrics. The tiny 1-inch squares all match up so perfectly. She included some fat 1/4's, candy, notepads, and embroidery scissors! I hope to make matching placemats with the fabric - the colors look great in my kitchen/living area.

On another subject, I haven't posted about yet, I was able to go visit my daughter A and baby all day Tuesday. Baby G is growing and is so cute - smiling, cooing, and we had a great tongue-clicking conversation going. The picture is from later in the day when she was getting a bit cranky, but generally she's a laid-back, happy girl.
I even accomplished stuff while I was there. I took along a pillowcase project to make, and a swim suit top to alter (A had volunteered a long time ago, but she turned it over to me because of the stretchy fabric), and some embroidery designs to trace. So I hauled out her sewing machine and supplies, reorganized her thread totebag, and took over the dining table. I was happy I was able to complete the pillow cases. The tracing didn't go so well, so I need to use a different method altogether. A took time to fill up the jars in her new spice rack, and Baby G got to sit and watch us be productive. A successful day!

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