Monday, June 29, 2009

First Mini-Quilt Swap a Success!

My mini swap partner received the package I sent her today. So I can put some photos on, since she's already seen it. It was a blast to make, and finding the cute goodies to go with was also fun. I have to confess, the little ceramic watering can was a lucky discovery at a local thrift shop, but it is a perfect match, and SQJ is a gardener - how perfect is that??? She loves sunflowers, but I had the daisy fabric already, and somehow the other pieces jumped out and said, we match - use us!
I used a piece of cotton batting I had left from a previous project. Piecing the back was a snap, since there was an automatic "striped" piece left from the little nine-patches. I kind of wondered about putting it on the big frame and using the long-arm, but it worked fine, the quilting took about 15 minutes at the most, and I LOVE how it came out. Just a success all around, and SQJ even said she likes it - the best part!

I'm signed up for the next one in July, too. The theme is Summer Lovin', and the partners will be assigned in a few days. Getting involved in a swap was a bit scary, but it's working out great, and I'm happy I signed up.


Jennie said...

Thank you so much!! I really love it- I like daisies, too!! It's so bright and happy- and well made! You should get yours in a couple days, and I hope you enjoy! ~ Jennie

Terrie Sandelin said...

I think your little quilt is really lovely. So full of growing things energy! Love the fabrics you chose.

The swaps STILL intimidate me. I always worry that the recipient isn't going to like it! But it's good to get past my anxiety about that and just do it. I've been happy with the quilts I've made to give away. And really loved the ones I've received, too. So, predictable insecurities aside, I have to say I'm with you, the swaps are really great fun!

Allison said...

Love that mini quilt! THey are so much fun to make! Thanks for stopping by! -Allison