Monday, June 1, 2009

Mod Top Done

I got the mod sampler top done tonight! That was exciting but so was getting flowers and planting some of them. It was threatening to storm, so I decided it was not relaxing working outside. I'll have to finish planting the flowers tomorrow night.


BarbaraS said...

LOVE the quilt!

Erin Barnes said...

Love the Mod top. I've been meaning to actually put mine together! I like the colors you chose as well.

Erin Barnes said...

PS. The running is coming along nicely. Thanks for the tips. I have started using to see how far my loops are and I'm making slow and steady progress!

Cathie said...

Thanks for the compliments. Thanks, Barb for checking back in. Hope your family is well.

We had a hard day - my f-i-l is in the hospital because he had a heart attack this a.m. He was already there and just getting ready to check in for a stress test, so that was the best place to be. I appreciate everyone's prayers. So I'm replying to you here instead of going on blogs. Hope you might see this.

Erin, glad to hear your running is coming along well, and I hope your mom is doing okay for now, too. Isn't mapmyrun fun? I like to keep a log of how far I run, my time/pace, and short comment on the weather, etc. It's cool to see all those miles add up after awhile.