Monday, June 1, 2009

What Do I Miss?

Three Kitchen Fairies shares on her blog that she's made some lists to help her introspect and assess her life at the moment.

So to follow her example, I'll try to say what I miss. I miss:

being outside more in the summer. I used to have lovely, long days of fresh air, yardwork, gardens, hanging laundry on the line, taking kids to lessons and the park and library, sitting on the deck after supper to read or chat.

shopping time. And just the time to do errands without fighting deadlines and traffic.

reading books on a regular basis.

my mom, even though she's been gone almost 12 years. I wish she'd been here for my girls' graduations, weddings and new baby.

my dad. I felt like I was really beginning to know and appreciate him when he died.

house time. Time to sew, clean, cook, redecorate, enjoy the comfortable home we've made.

my girls. Although we talk a lot, there are days when I miss the days when they were 6 and 8 years old and they were constantly there.

my sisters. They live too far away.

traveling on the motorcycles with j&j.

To mention the introspection part, most of these thoughts remind me to appreciate the times when I can experience the memories, or enjoy the company of people who mean a lot to me, or enjoy nature or new sights. That is one of the best parts of memories - to teach us how to live our lives better in the present.

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