Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finished A Few Things - Tuesday

I have the day off! We finally finished things at work enough that I can start taking the next few Tuesdays off. My boss retired, so that finished off the party planning and cleaning up a lot of loose ends with her; my co-worker finished her medical leave, so now my double duty has ended and we can take a few breaths in between tasks.

Over the weekend, I ran a 5K and finished 3rd in my age group! I got a nice medal again. It was a small race in a nearby small town at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. The results are not posted on the club website yet, but I suspect there were only 3 in my group... since I ran SO slowly. I didn't come close to meeting my goal pace in the first mile, so just gave up the idea of going "fast". It was only 68 degrees, but sunny, humid and no breeze, so I was pretty hot. It's taking me awhile to adapt to the heat this summer, probably because it came on so suddenly after weeks of cool, rainy weather. It was fun to be with friends and enjoy the outdoors nonetheless.

I finished a mini-quilt for a swap I'm in. This morning I sewed on the label, and quilted myself a duplicate - it was so cute, I just had to make two! Now I need to find a good box to package it up and should have it ready to send before the end of the week. I will put on a photo after my swap-partner receives it, but if I do it now, she may see it and the surprise will be spoiled.

I've been inspired by some cute ideas on blogs to make little girl dresses from men's dress shirts, so took a jaunt through a couple thrift stores to see what's available. I found a few possiblities. These are what I found, plus a tan linen one that is still on the drying rack. Do you like them?

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