Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Report

The weekend was pretty good. Friday was a holiday, so we were able to get lots of chores done around the house. Drh trimmed all the bushes and mowed the yard - it looks great. I did laundry, put away a bunch of laundry and clutter, changed sheets on one of the guest beds, and dusted the bedrooms. I think I did more, but I can't remember now! I did get started cutting out pieces for a table runner I'm making for a wedding gift, since our boss let us off early Thursday and I took advantage of that to stop at the quilt shop for fabric before going to the lake for the Thursday night run.
I fixed leftover country ribs shredded with added bbq sauce for dinner. After dinner I cut the backing and batting to the proper sizes, and put the Star quilt on the frame (see above). It took a lot less time than previous projects - maybe I'm learning how to do it.

Saturday we woke up to drizzle, which became a steady, all-day rain. I had half-planned to run a 5-mile 4th of July race, but since I hadn't signed up in advance, decided to delay my Saturday run until the rain quit. We fixed eggs, hash brown patties and toast with jelly for breakfast, and lingered over coffee. Then we worked on our church's new website until about 1 p.m.
After lunch I decided that if it quit raining by 3:00, I'd still have time for 5 miles and a shower before we went to friends' for dinner and the fireworks. I started quilting the Star quilt. By 3 it hadn't stopped raining, so I made the salad for the dinner contribution and kept on quilting. It was only 5 times across, and the last time was only 5 inches deep (?). I took it off the frame, changed my clothes and we left for our friends' house. They fixed great chicken shishkabobs, mashed potatoes, and corn bread, which went great with my apple/walnut/raisin/celery salad. They made chocolate caramel ice cream pie for dessert. MMMM. Unfortunately the weather never improved, so the fireworks were postponed until tonight.

Today after church, I did run my 5 mile goal run. It was beautiful out today - sunny and breezy. Everything is still so green and pretty since we've had a wet enough spring and summer. Had lunch, read the paper, and trimmed the Star quilt so the maker can now add the binding.

I finished all that I can on the table runner, since I need MORE fabric. The missing areas are due to inattention to the rule of "calculate 3 times, measure twice, cut once." The calculations were sloppy, so I cut one of the black strips to make the black and white units in the missing areas 1/2 inch too short. DUH. That meant I had an inch extra fabric left, so it would have been JUST RIGHT amount if I'd paid attention earlier. But not enough left for the re-do.

I took more photos of the Star quilt out on the deck so I have a good record of the project including the back, and helped drh wash and wax my car this afternoon. Made rhubarb pudding, talked on the phone. Now we're going to go back to our friends' for the delayed fireworks show - hope your weekend was just as fun and productive!

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