Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belated Great Weekend and More Finish Reports

Well, the weekend was great. Saturday morning was cool, clear and only a light breeze. I got out to the race about 1.5 hours early, and sat in the car to read the paper and work on the crossword puzzle. By doing that, I parked pretty close to the park and starting line. After awhile, I walked around, shed some layers and did a 1-mile warm-up run. My hip felt fine - I'm glad I ran the whole mile. And the race went great! I got my best time ever - about 40 sec. faster than last year. My place was 12/28 in my AG, and 158/360 of all women, so I was very pleased.

Saturday afternoon I did some laundry, finished quilting on the wonky quilt and took it off the frame, made a quick trip to the grocery store late, fixed salad and baked beans while drh cooked pork chops on the grill. The weather stayed beautiful all day.
I'm not sure I'm crazy about the variegated thread, but it was worth a try. I do like the back and binding, both tree print. I still have about a fat 1/4 left of it, but as much as I like it, I'm kind of glad it's about gone.

Sunday after church and lunch and newspaper reading, we went for a short motorcycle ride, then invited j&j over for hamburgers on the grill. So another nice day... too bad I never got around to cleaning the bathroom and bedroom like I'd planned. I had some time to sew binding, as you can see in the pictures above - it's all done now.
Tuesday night I had some errands to do, so fixed supper rather late, but drh was kind enough to clean up the kitchen while I did get the bedroom and bathroom cleaning done. Tonight is running at the lake - Yay! and hamburgers at the tavern, and then home to bed early unless I get distracted by quilt blocks...

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