Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Done List

I'm SO glad I didn't back out of the trail race (considered due to generous rainfall last week). That's me on the right with friends R & D. Notice our dirty legs and soaking wet shoes and socks. D won 2nd in her age group and received a cool bison head trophy. I came in 5/5 in my AG, but didn't come in last in the race. HA. It was wet, muddy, lots of standing and running water, one real stream, two or three temporary streams, swamps, rivulets, puddles, and bogginess. It did make for nice squishy running surface - easy on the feet. But the shoes got dirty. I had looked for old shoes and discovered that my current shoes are more worn out than shoes I'd retired! So I just wore the current shoes. They washed up fairly well in the washing machine.
I finished quilting my friend's wall hanging panel she generously let me use to practice with a pantograph pattern. I had some trouble until I figured out which stitch mode and speed to use. Also the tension had to be tweaked because I changed the needle before starting this project. The stitching came out okay - it took longer and I didn't enjoy it as much as free motion, mostly because I wasn't able to enjoy the fabrics while quilting. All I could look at was the pattern and the laser stylus. A different experience. I do like the colors in the fabric - a rich, glowing navy which is my favorite kind of navy. I used a denim chambray variegated thread - not sure I like it a lot, but it looks fine.
On Sunday I cut and sewed the rest of the blocks for the big quilt I'm making with my sister for a gift. The blocks do look good once you mix them up together. It will turn out great. I told her I think the dark green/brown one in the lower left looks way too dark, and the rust and burgundy one near the center top has measurement issues and might have to be remade. She said, we only need 49 and we have 52, so no need to make more! YAY!

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